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School, Book Club, and Writing Group Visits: Prices & Options

Fees and Presentation Options 

Why do authors charge for presentations?

Writing is a business. A full-time author’s income generally originates from five sources: 

  1. Advances — Other than in rare exceptions, these aren’t enough to support a lifestyle or a family, so a supplemental income is required, which comes by way of the remaining four sources.
  2. Royalties — Most authors only receive between 1.5% and 10% per book sold, and they don’t even start accruing royalties until their advance has been paid back in full to the publisher. Which means the final three income sources have to make up the balance.
  3. Freelance work
  4. Speaking engagements
  5. Teaching / workshops

Like any professional, authors invest a lot of time and money to become an expert in their craft, not to mention all the time and money they put into giveaways and social media to promote their work and stay in touch with fans. 

Time used to create presentations and go to events is time not being used for polishing up on writing or producing more books. Thus, it’s impractical for authors to offer speaking services and presentations for free, however much they might want to.

As for the amount an author charges, that varies per their individual needs and what they offer by way of presentations. 

A.G.’s personal fees and options are listed below.

Live school visits: Half Day (Up to 2 presentations) $300; Full Day (Up to 4 presentations) $600

Live book club / library visits: Must be a guaranteed attendance of 15 or more. $150 within 20 minutes of Amarillo. See below for info on gas/travel expenses for further distances.

Virtual visits: Must be a guaranteed attendance of 15 or more. Classroom or Book Club events (via Skype) $75 for a 35-40 minute power point session + Q&A, OR $25 for a 30 minute Q&A.

Facts to note for live visits: 

  • A.G. has a more one-on-one approach, so smaller audiences are preferred. For schools, sessions in the library work best—with a select group of AP students and/or 2-3 full classes present at a time (depending on the size of the space)—rather than an auditorium assembly. This smaller, confined arrangement lends itself to a streamlined back-and-forth so each student in attendance can benefit on a more personal level.
  • Each program runs approx. 40-45 minutes, including a 10-15 minute power point (you choose which one works best for your situation), book trailer viewing and excerpt reading for another 5-7 minutes, and a 25 minute Q&A session or hands-on writing exercise, depending on which power point you’ve chosen. 
  • Travel expenses aren’t included in the above quoted prices. Gas and meals will be added to the total if/when they are incurred. 

If you’re interested in having A.G. speak, please choose your preferred visit option and power point selection (if applicable), and
contact A.G. with your request. Her calendar fills up quickly so she can’t always guarantee an opening, but when time allows, she’ll make a concerted effort to find a date that works with the schedules of all involved.

At present, A.G. offers four power point selections for schools, book clubs, and writing groups. You can find them below, along with their descriptions:

Selection #1

TEAMS Writing Strategy: Breathe life into your writing. Learn the 5 essential elements for emotive, authentic, and universally relatable writing that will carry you through any exchange of ideas, from creative writing to standardized tests relying on prompts. This simple acronym works as a chain, linking each ingredient to the next, resulting in a well-rounded and engagingly written communication, be it on essay or story level.

Selection #2

Why I Chose to Write Fantasy: Includes a look at the movies and books from my youth that influenced and inspired my cinematic, weird, and dark fairy tale writing style… In this interactive presentation, get a glimpse of how not only books but also movies can enhance an individual’s imagination and sensibilities, nourishing and shaping them into the indefinable and unique quality known as a writer’s voice.

Selection #3

Five Things Every Aspiring Author Should Know: A look at my winging journey towards publication and some slip-ups along the way, presented so other writers might benefit from my mistakes and find a smoother and straighter path to success. In this presentation, you'll learn not to follow in my footsteps, but walk around them instead.

Selection #4

The Splintering of Wonderland — How I fell into the rabbit hole and found the path to mad success: Join me in a behind-the-scenes look at the conception and crafting of my warped Wonderland series. Focusing on specific elements from Carroll’s classic tale, I share how I reinvisioned an “urban fantasy backdrop” for Alice’s famed adventure that won my spinoff INL acclaim and best-seller status — along with translations into over a dozen languages.