Signed Copies & Swag

Signed Copies

There are two ways to get a book personalized and signed. 

  • You can mail your own book to A.G. using this address:   A.G. Howard, P.O. Box 7433, Amarillo, TX 79114.  Please be sure to enclose a return mailing label with POSTAGE enough to cover your book’s journey back home to you so A.G. won’t have to foot the bill. You can purchase a label via the post office. Media mail is the cheapest way to go.
  • OR, you may purchase a book that’s already autographed. For this option, contact any of the following stores that are local to A.G. Howard. They keep signed books in stock that they’ll happily mail your way (domestic only).

Barnes & Noble
Contact: Jim Gleason or Rodrigo Godoy
Amarillo, TX
(806) 352-2300

Barnes & Noble
Contact: Terry Handley
Lubbock, TX
(806) 793-1061

Burrowing Owl Books
Contact: Dallas Bell
Canyon, Texas
(806) 282-9888


Signed Swag:

Another option is to send for an autographed bookplate to stick inside your book. This works great for foreign readers! Details for getting bookplates are below.
Please be sure to specify which swag pack(s) (pictured below) you’d like to receive by their names: Splintered Swag, Architect Swag, Hummingbird Swag, Glass Butterfly Swag, RoseBlood Swag or Stain Swag. More instructions for ordering follow the pictures.
Splintered Swag consists of two double-sided signed bookmarks and two signed bookplates.

Splintered Swag

Consists of two double-sided signed bookmarks and two signed bookplates.

Architect Swag

Consists of one double-sided signed bookmark and one signed bookplate.

Hummingbird Swag

Consists of one double-sided signed bookmark and one signed bookplate.

Glass Butterfly Swag

Consists of one double-sided signed bookmark and one signed bookplate.

Roseblood Swag

Consists of one double-sided signed bookmark and one signed bookplate.

Stain Swag

Consists of one double-sided signed bookmark and one signed bookplate.

To request a swag pack for a giveaway, a gift, or for yourself, please include a **SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope… #10 business envelopes measuring 4.12 x 9.5 inches work best) along with a note specifying which swag pack (Splintered, Architect, Hummingbird, RoseBlood, Glass Butterfly, or Stain) and any personlized instructions (if you’d like your name on the bookplate, or someone else’s name, or to be left blank for a giveaway).

Each swag pack weighs less than an ounce to maintain the same postage as a first class letter. If you want more than one swag pack, you’ll need to include extra SASE(s). For example: One SASE = one swag pack, Two SASE(s) = two swag packs, Three SASE(s) = three swag packs, etc… 

Send to the following address: 
A.G. Howard
P.O. Box 7433
Amarillo, TX 79114

**If you’ve never sent a SASE, instructions are provided below. 

  • How to send a SASE to the USA from other countries: Follow the instructions in the above link, but instead of regular first class stamps, you’ll need to use global forever air mail stamps. You can ask your local post office about them, or e-bay offers them here and they’re very simple to use; one stamp = postage for one USA SASE. (Please note: Only the stamps work. International reply coupons DO NOT work. It’s wasted money on your part and A.G.’s.)