A.G.'s Library

Books for Aspiring Writers:

Below, A.G. has listed the books that guided her through the three-year odyssey of writing her first novel and on into the querying process. For your convenience, the titles are separated into three categories and linked to Amazon:

  1. Learning the craft—everything you need to know about the art of writing and editing your work.
  2. Getting Published—how to craft those irksome query letters and debunk the lingo of novel proposal packages … in essence, understanding what agents and editors respond to and what they abhor.
  3. Writers’ Resources—great research and technical aides for your daily writing regime.

Learning the Craft:

Getting Published:


Writers’ Resources:


A.G.’s Personal Choices for Research or Leisure: 

As a full-time mom and writer, reading for leisure is one of my most decadent pleasures. I love to get lost in a fantasy world far removed, sharing the emotions and adventures of a character so finely crafted I can can feel myself wearing their skin. I also enjoy nonfiction books that will sharpen my story worlds or inspire my muse.

To find time for reading, I put off the dusting and the laundry for an hour (or a week) and curl up on the couch to finish those last two-hundred pages; I take a book with me everywhere I go, so when I have a spare moment at the orthodontist or I’m stuck at a red light, I read a sentence, or two, or a paragraph.
Be sure to visit my GoodRead’s rating page to check out the fiction titles which have sat on my bookshelves from as far back as 2005 when I first started writing to present day. Some I’ve read, and some I have yet to read.
And here are the non-fiction titles that beefed up my novels via research:
Non Fiction: